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D1 Milano is an Italian Watch Manufacturer of Premium Fashion Watches founded in Milan in 2013. D1 Milano produces iconic recognizable watches with strong shapes which is targeting young and fashionable people.

The signature octagonal case design is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's angular polyhedron. Some people joked that the D1 Milano watch has a 686 golden ratio because of the front view has a 6-angle type, the upper front case has an 8-angle type, and the time key is a 6-angle cut. Different faces are cut by different grinding techniques. It is paying respect to the master in this perfect proportion.

In addition to its special appearance, D1 MILANO pursues the perfect combination of materials and minimalist design. The surface of the watch is using Mineral Glass with blue anti-reflex coating. The movements are made in Japan which is ensuring time accuracy. At the same time, D1 Milano mixing the interlacing of different color patterns and materials to come up with different kinds of styles. It makes this octagon into different styles that is unique and simple fashion.

D1 also sounds “The One” in English, which means that everyone is the only one that should wear their own attitude. The octagon design just like the young people cattle is afraid of none since they have not been smoothed the edges and corners of character by society. They still believe with the courage to change can change the world.

The Project 701 Collection is entirely made in 316L stainless steel, using Automatic or Skeleton movement in a stainless-steel case of 41.5 mm and comes with a Japanese Mechanical or Automatic Movement. Using the same color of stainless steel as well as the arm to match with the Skeleton dial. Regardless of the front and back covers of the Skeleton dial, it shows every detail to the customers. When looking at the movement of the escapement, every turn just like the art beats nature. This special design allows you to see the time and the precise watch design together. Textured design with paying attention to every detail, which is highlighting the charm of mechanical watches.

D1 Milano uses an innovative material called Polycarbonic, which is very light but has a great deal of strength and durability. This material is applied to the bracelet and the case. Also, it applied the Soft Touch coating to give the material an unexpectedly supple feeling and incredible matte finishing. With its 40.5 mm case, quartz movement and water-resistant to 5 ATM, the configuration is not inferior. In terms of design, there is a case with digital camouflage, gray and white interlaced to form a fascinating color, which makes people completely immersed in the adventure atmosphere full of camouflage. There are also eye-catching fluorescent colors to shape the overall design that makes instantly become dazzling. D1 Milano injects a tough soul into the watch, which is especially suitable for wearing in adventurous sports situations and a street style that becomes the watchmen want to own most.

This collection comes with a 36 mm or 41 mm Stainless Steel case with quartz movement. You can choose Italian leather, Perlon or Milanese straps as you like. There is various clean and minimalist style that you can choose. Same color case with an arm to match with the classical dial style. Minimalist style with a textured Italian leather hand strap, the classic style will never become out-of-date. Different sizes for men and women to choose that can used as a couple of watch that can be used in a variety of environments.

Many brands are challenging the Ultra-thin watches and this series is only 6 mm thick and available in 38 mm or 40 mm stainless steel case. The thinner has less impact on the wearer and it is challenging the creator to make the precise mechanical thinning. The watches can be uni-sex that the dial restores the most basic clock design. This design is a convenience for the wearer to see the time which is practical and advocate simple is beautiful. The modern appearance can assist the wearer to enhance the fashion outfit.